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    Source: Public Prosecution Department
    Year: 2016
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Honour Killing01140
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Murder0840
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Badal-i-Sulh, Wanni or Swara040
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Assault U/S 35406600
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Assault U/S 354-A0300
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Rape/Human Trafficking03120
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Rape019000
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Rape0900
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Rape01930
      Punjab2016Public Prosecution Department Hurt Cases03720
    Year: 2017
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Acid Burning020
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Honour Killing0880
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Murder01330
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Rape029570
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Rape0640
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Badal-i-Sulh, Wanni or Swara010
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Assault U/S 35409110
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Assault U/S 354-A070
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Wrongful Deprivation in Inheritance030
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Forced Marriage000
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Marriage to the Holy Quran000
      Punjab2017Public Prosecution Department Hurt Cases05040