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    Source: Bank of the Punjab
    Year: 2012
      Punjab2012Bank of the PunjabPlatinum00 
      Punjab2012Bank of the PunjabGold00 
      Punjab2012Bank of the PunjabSilver00 
      Punjab2012Bank of the PunjabBOP4622111965 
      Punjab2012Bank of the PunjabInnov800 
    Year: 2013
      Punjab2013Bank of the PunjabPlatinum33919 
      Punjab2013Bank of the PunjabGold59776 
      Punjab2013Bank of the PunjabSilver4091991 
      Punjab2013Bank of the PunjabBOP5915614934 
      Punjab2013Bank of the PunjabInnov800 
    Year: 2014
      Punjab2014Bank of the PunjabPlatinum4105249 
      Punjab2014Bank of the PunjabGold144401828 
      Punjab2014Bank of the PunjabSilver8232123473 
      Punjab2014Bank of the PunjabBOP00 
      Punjab2014Bank of the PunjabInnov800 
    Year: 2015
      Punjab2015Bank of the PunjabPlatinum3289160 
      Punjab2015Bank of the PunjabGold129211626 
      Punjab2015Bank of the PunjabSilver8740231015 
      Punjab2015Bank of the PunjabBOP00 
      Punjab2015Bank of the PunjabInnov84500945002 
    Year: 2016
      Punjab2016Bank of the PunjabPlatinum158674 
      Punjab2016Bank of the PunjabGold5272550 
      Punjab2016Bank of the PunjabSilver5107419009 
      Punjab2016Bank of the PunjabBOP00 
      Punjab2016Bank of the PunjabInnov81250012500 
    Year: 2017
      Punjab2017Bank of the PunjabSilver77653325390
      Punjab2017Bank of the PunjabGold61878420
      Punjab2017Bank of the PunjabPlatinum17821220